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The Silk Road on The Fashion Network

Excerpt from The Fashion Network (Version English - original in French)


Link to original Extended Version here 

A new original player is emerging in the landscape of online fashion retail sites: The Silk Road Paris. Initiated by two young Indians based in Paris, this platform dedicated to Indian and Southeast Asian brands and designers stands out for its "glocal" approach, targeting eco-responsible labels that combine traditional craftsmanship and modernity, which they aim to promote internationally.

As stated in a press release on their website, "India, a true pool of talents, as well as countries in the southern region of Asia, are teeming with emerging brands with strong visual and cultural identities, collections rooted in current fashion trends, and local production." It is this wealth of creativity that aims to showcase to its European clientele through a carefully curated selection of cutting-edge labels with unique identities, blending cultural heritage and local artisanal production, and prioritizing ethical fashion.

The initiative was launched by architect and design researcher Soumil Sharma and Yamini Banker, originally from Jaunpur, India. With a Master's degree in international luxury marketing, Yamini has worked in sales and marketing for various Parisian fashion houses.